The ARCo. Radio Show 001 – Part 1 & 2

The ARCo. Radio Show 001 – 10.10.2012
Every Wednesday on QHRadio.NL 2100-2200 GMT – Listen/Download it NOW!

01. Martin Iveson – 13.10.11 13.11.11 – Atjazz Record Company [BUY]
02. Mizgir – Surya – Atjazz Record Company [BUY]
03. Monday Michiru – Epiphany (Atjazz Remix) – Extra Solar [BUY]
04. Luka feat. Mz Jay The World Keeps Turning (DJ Tipz Remix) – We Go Deep [BUY]
05. Torquato & Boghosian – Zulu Girl (At One Remix) – Yoruba Records [BUY]
06. Pablo Fierro – Whistle (Atjazz Astro Remix) – Atjazz Record Company [COMING SOON]
07. The Roots – Look Into Her Eyes [CHECK IT OUT]
08. Peter Herboltzheimer – The Catfish – [BUY]
09. Atjazz (feat. Clara Hill) – Sense Of Life – Atjazz Record Company [BUY]


The ARCo. Radio Show 001
In the mix with TrueSelf

01. Marcos Valle – Estrelar – Som Livre [BUY]
02. Erdbeerschnitzel – Through The Night – Mirua Musik [BUY]
03. Session Victim – Good Intentions – Delusions Of Grandeur [BUY]
04. Johnny Fiasco – Keeping It Deep – Chicano Trax [BUY]
05. TrueSelf – Blank Canvas – Phat Elephant Recordings [BUY]
06. Greg Sawyer – Can’t Stay Alive – Falk [BUY]
07. Dairmount – Dust Devil (Dub) Feat. Nowakowski – [PROMO]
08. Kyodai – Breaking – Local Talk [BUY]
09. Miguel Migs – Tonight (Fred Everything Lazy Vocal Mix) – OM Records [BUY]
10. Christo – Ritmo – Superficially Deep [PROMO]
11. Atjazz & Julian Gomes – Overshadowed – Atjazz Record Company [BUY]
12) Si Tew – The Master Of Go – Phat Elephant Recordings [BUY]

16 responses to “The ARCo. Radio Show 001 – Part 1 & 2”

  1. dipobe says:

    soothing, mellowed, soulful and appropiate……thank u Tipz, Atjazz n Truself

  2. Yaredtheguy says:

    I cannot wait to listen to this. The tracklist is making me stare at the download progress thingy because i cannot wait.

    I am also going crazy at Trueself’s latest mix. You guys should come down to South Africa as a trio

  3. Yaredtheguy says:

    Side note, the download button is not there on the Atjazz soundcloud page, don’t know if it was intentional

  4. Sir_canon says:

    Too amazing!! Too nice!! This is defenitely going into my archives…can’t wait for upcoming shows!! Keep it up ARCo.

  5. Ame says:

    How Do I Download it With My Blackberry?

  6. Glockdan77 says:

    Great show – cheers! Eclectic, but the Arco sound is emerging. Totally get the Mizgir track. Breaking new ground. In future shows I’d personally like to hear news of forthcoming gigs/sets etc. Let us know about how recent events have been received as well! Looking forward to hearing a little review of ADE in next week’s show for example. Congratulations to Tipz for his warm and polished sound – excited about his future offerings. Keep up the FANTASTIC work all of you

  7. gontse says:

    Realy realy nice jents awsome staff

  8. @idy says:

    Vibes from the heart… Music how it should be! Big moves from the Atjazz label! Bring it, thicker and faster!!!

  9. Glockdan77 says:

    Great show Trueself. STRONG tracks. Not heard the Kyodai track before – great drums which satisfies those with a rock alter-ego 😉 ‘Tonight’ should go down in the annals as a House classic as well.

  10. Valentino says:

    PLEASE, let your fans that were left abandon from handzonradio know that your here, we miss you and love your sound, if I didn’t see you (dj tipz) on facebook and ask you where you been, I would have never known. Keep us posted at all times, your fans deserve that much, with love, valentino from NYC.

  11. Terry says:

    ARCo Radio Show is on another level, big shout out, this is Terry all the way in Soweto, South Africa

  12. storm says:

    cant wait to hear the blissful sounds of atjazz and julian gomes as they are coming to SA

  13. SoulDifina says:

    Loved the show #catfish omw killer enough said!!

  14. Martin Iveson – 13.10.11 13.11.11, this track right here gotta say its a realy nice tune,!c again you proved that since you guys teamed up with QH yall be making pretty good waves. Good shows as ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Tshepo says:

    Guys u killing me keep up the good work shout 2 Tipz,Atjazz nd truself the promos are awesome I don’t know what u guys are thinking big ups ARcO radio our

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